Sunday, August 19, 2012

Saranac Root Beer

Brand: Saranac Root Beer
Brewed in: Utica, NY
Purchase Location: Canal's Liquor Store (New Jersey)

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Notes: The owls think this root beer is a real hoot! You'd be wise to pick up this root beer on your next outing! (har har har, sorry guys - but behold! Some of my wife's creations getting in on this photo)

A well above-average root beer that will make anyone happy! This Saranac brew has a full-bodied, rich, traditional taste that is both creamy & smooth. This isn't anything fancy; it's not going to wow! anyone at your next party, but it's reliable. It's extremely drinkable any time of day, sweet (not syrupy), light weight, and yet, robust in flavor. It's everything a root beer should be.

Also? Great for a root beer float - and that is a statement out of experience. The vanilla flavoring in the root beer isn't so bold that it'll jump out with every sip, but it compliments vanilla ice cream like they were made for each other. The next time the wife says that we can have root beer floats for lunch, I won't think twice about grabbing a Saranac.

Overall Rating: