Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gale's Root Beer

Brand: Gale's Root Beer
Brewed in: Riverwoods, IL
Purchase Location: Gifted (from Indiana)
Website: www.galegand.com

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Notes: This stuff is GREAT! In small doses. If the bottle was half it's size, I'd have gone and given this root beer 5 mugs straight off the bat for a unique flavor and amazing bite! Unfortunately, this was GREAT --- up until half the bottle was gone. Cinnamon is really packed into this bottle - so much so, it tastes like this bottle is jammed up to the brim with teeny tiny cinnamon buns throughout (or with Cinnamon Mini Buns cereal - R.I.P)! I do enjoy cinnamon flavoring a lot in root beer (and ginger and vanilla - both of which are also included in the ingredients list), but I really don't taste anything else but cinnamon & sugar followed by ginger during the aftertaste. There's only a very vague "true" root beer taste to this brew, but I do think it's worth scouting out just to experience the unique flavor.

Now, I haven't tried this, but I bet this root beer would make a great ice cream float. Just sayin'. Try it out; I don't think you'll regret a dessert with this one.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer

Brand: Virgil's Special Edition Bavarian Nutmeg Root Beer
Brewed in: Imported from Bavaria
Purchase Location: A garden/produce center in NJ
Website: www.reedsinc.com/virgils/

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Notes: Make no mistake, I am not a fan of the standard Virgil's root beer. But look at this bottle. How am I supposed to pass this up? Spending the $3 and some-odd-change was a risk I was willing to take for unique packaging and presentation.

This brew had a very similar taste to their original root beer, overall, with heavier anise and licorice flavors, but, in this brew, I'm happy to say that they weren't overpowering; the molasses, cinnamon and nutmeg flavors in this pint helped balance this blend out. This is a darker, heavier root beer than anything I've drank thus far (bonus points for being a lil' different!), and it was smooth and drinkable all the way through despite being a complex flavor. However, the excellent carbonation (that it initially poured out with) quickly settled and lacked bite. Bummer, but, still. It's quite the improvement over their original root beer blend, if you ask me.

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Abita Root Beer - 2nd Review!

Brand: Abita Root Beer - 2nd Review!
Brewed in: Louisiana
Purchase Location: Canal's Liquor Store (New Jersey)
Website: www.abita.com/

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Notes: This here is an updated review. I reviewed Abita before after I received it as a gift, and, while it was awesome, I felt the flavors weren't completely cohesive thus robbing it of a 5-barrel brew review. Now that I've picked up this fresh sixer at a local liquor store though, I'm pretty sure that I previously received a bottle that had just been victim of sitting on a shelf too long. Why? BECAUSE THIS ROOT BEER IS AWESOME. Robust flavors, primarily of vanilla & honey with very subtle anise undertones, and a bite that packs a wallop throughout. While i still don't know if "Lousiana cane sugar" is any different than regular ol' "cane sugar", I can say the sweetener is right on the money with a light sweetness that seems to tie everything together into a nice little package of excellence. You can't ask for more than this.

PS. I'm pretty stoked to see that they updated their packaging, too. Much nicer now than it's more streamlined & cohesive to their overall branding than the previous packaging which was reminiscent of early-1990s NBA uniforms. 

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