Sunday, August 21, 2011

Bulldog Root Beer

Brand: Bulldog
Brewed in: WA
Purchase Location: Gifted

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Packaging/Label: Despite being bummed about the plain, boring gold bottle cap, this brew's got a nice label. "Unleash the taste!" Great slogan. The color palette, along with the vertical brown lines in the background that are reminiscent of wood panels, reminds me of an old bar's atmosphere. As both an illustrator by trade & an owner of multiple dogs, pairing this color palette up with the illustration of a couple'a dogs on the front and center? Well, they've won me over early!

Aroma: Allow me to quote a conversation I just had with my wife. As I pass my mug over to her, I say, "This..... doesn't smell very good. Urine?" She replies defiantly with, "Like used cleaner. It smells like a bucket of used cleaning water." I'll add to that with... this mug of root beer smells like an old bucket of cleaning water that was used to clean up an animal shelter.

Flavor: It's sweet with tastes of cane sugar and a bit of honey, but really.... that's about it. Its light, but weak & syrupy - it coats the mouth.

Should you buy it? You won't be missing anything if you decide to skip over this one.

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Additional Notes: The only thing I really like about this root beer are the illustrated dogs on the label -- and I was pretty stoked to see that the dogs... are real! From their website, "The Bulldogs on the label are named Barley and Hops. They are real bulldogs and live in Fresno, California. Barley is the male, and Hops is the female. They like to chew on bones and rawhide treats, and can fetch and play dead on command."

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