Saturday, July 9, 2011

Abita Root Beer

Brand: Abita Root Beer
Brewed in: Louisiana
Purchase Location: Gifted

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Packaging/Label: You know what this label reminds me of? Early '90s NBA uniforms with a hint of mom's kitchen from the same decade. The green abstract artwork underneath "Abita" is what really baffles me. Now don't get me wrong --- I get it. Their root beer label graphic is modeled after their (alcoholic) beer label graphics which typically use variations of wheat strands underneath "Abita". Their root beer label though? Well, i suppose those are... green roots. But alls I see is a green witchy hand stalking the words "Root Beer". Come here, my pret-ty!

Aroma: Strange. This had a sweet scent that resembles both honey and vanilla straight out of the bottle which quickly turned to a licorice-resembling scent as I poured it into my mug; I didn't know how to predict the flavor from the aroma on this one.

Flavor: Awesome. This brew has a really robust traditional flavor with a vanilla and honey punch. It's heavily sweetened with "Louisiana cane sugar" and, while I can see that the sweetness factor would be a turn off for some, do keep in mind that this has an overall light (not thick & sugary) feel. To top it off, Abita root beer has a delightful & flavorful aftertaste.

Should you buy it? For real.

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Additional Notes: By the way, the label boasts on this that Abita is made with "Louisiana cane sugar". I don't know if all other root beers sweetened with regular ol' "cane sugar" are made with this state's sweetness, but, if not - look into that, guys.

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