Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nyarda Julmust

Brand: Spendrups Klassiker Nyarda Julmust
Brewed in: Sweden
Purchase Location: Gifted (from IKEA)

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Packaging/Label: This is a seasonal (Christmas) drink and nothing says Christmas like an elvish Santa about to go on a little (get it? get it?) adventure. But just in case the wee Santa elf alone with his lamp didn't tip you off, the prominent red and green color scheme would. There's nothing too fancy about the packaging (it's a plastic bottle, standard twist cap with only a paper label) with exception to the label's illustration, but partnered with nice clean typography, it works. It's not my favorite bottle shape for the overall theme they're going for here; the bottle shape is pretty conservative 1960's space age (yes, that's what i said) ---- butttttttt these are the Swedes we're talkin' about here!

Aroma: Whoa. What am about to get myself into here? Smells strongly (REALLY strongly) of cough syrup. Really, really... really alcoholic cough syrup.

Bite: Very mild

Flavor: I can assure you that this is safe to drink; it doesn't taste nearly as bad as it smells - but that doesn't mean it's great either, my friends. Be warned: this is a Swedish drink comparable to root beer (both because of it's flavor complexity and it's history), but it's taste really isn't that akin to the real deal "root beer" that we've grown accustomed to. SO! What's the taste actually like? Wellllll, that's tough. It sort of tastes like someone brewed a big pot of flat Coca-Cola, flat Dr. Pepper, liquor, sugar, sugar, sugar... and, you know what? Throw some grape soda in there, too, for good measure! Don't quote me, but I'm 98.5% sure that this drink would be your outcome.

Should you buy it? You know what, I'm okay with it if you decide to skip over this one. It's different and if that's your thing, totally go for it, but I wouldn't expect you to want to finish off the bottle under normal circumstances.

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Additional Notes: Want to know more about this traditional Christmas drink, Julmust? Check out the Wikipedia:

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