Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boylan Root Beer

Brand: Boylan Root Beer
Brewed in: Moonachie, NJ
Where to find: Throughout New Jersey & New York

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Packaging/Label:  I love the vintage appeal to this packaging. The tall throwback shape of the bottle partnered with it's dark glass, the screen printed label with simplistic fonts in a clean, readable layout, and the embossed lettering directly on the glass bottle - Yup. They nailed their theme. Not only do I love just the inclusion of embossed lettering, by the way, but I love that there are two different embossed phrases - the front with 'BOYLAN VINTAGE SODA POP' and the back with 'BTTLG CO FAMILY RUN SINCE 1891'.

Aroma: Strong and rather vanilla-y

Bite: Not much of a bite

Flavor: This would be one excellent brew for a big ol' ice cream float. It boasts a strong, full-bodied and mostly traditional flavor; it's smooth and, above all else, creamy. There is a slightly different flavor that pulls away near the end of each mouthful which I can only assume is the Yucca extract (since I don't normally notice this in other traditional flavors' ingredient lists) but I can't be 100% certain. For now, i'll say that this flavor that pulls away from the pack is kind of dry and ever-so-slightly spicy, but it's really not bad - just mysterious. You could say that this brew is straight out of a Harlequin novel: it's strong, smooth & mysterious.

Should you buy it? No doubt; it's worth the search.

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Additional Notes: Shout out to my awesome neighbors for the great rootin' tootin' birthday gift!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

"Root Boozies" Root Beer Cupcakes

Well, I officially surpassed another birthday year recently and, to celebrate, my wife decided to do somethin' a little extra special. Normally, a birthday ain't a birthday unless Funfetti® is all up in yo' grill (literally), but this year was different. This was the year of.... Don't adjust your dials - you heard me right: ROOT!BEER!CUPCAKES! Who knew this was even possible? Certainly not i.

Officially called Root Beer Float Cupcakes, i am lovingly changing their name to Root Boozies. Once you check out the recipe, you'll understand why. Root Boozies. Be about it.

Check the recipe out and let me know if you try them out, too!