Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Squamscot Old Fashion Beverages Root Beer

Brand: Squamscot Old Fashioned Beverages Root Beer
Brewed in: Newfields, NH
Where to find: New Hampshire (really awesome friends of mine got this for me while traveling; I've never seen it in the Philadelphia-area and can't find locations online so I'm assuming it's a NH-local. I'll update this if I find out more).

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Packaging/Label:  I'm going to have to start photographing bottle caps because I'm all about the bottle cap on this bottle. The bright blue edging draws your attention in and the top circumference is bright warm red with large white interlocking initials - trust me, it's really neat. The rest of the packaging, ie label, is pretty basic compared to the cap. It looks like one'a dem dere "olde timey" bottles of root beer like the company never cared to keep updated with current design trends since the beginning - and that's just fine by me.

Aroma: A fairly strong, traditional sweet-smelling root beer.

Bite: A light to medium bite that is noticeable throughout.

Flavor: The flavor of this root beer is pretty stereotypical; it's a flavor you'd definitely expect when you pop a root beer barrel or candy in your mouth.  Although it's not very full-bodied, it's overall a good, solid brew that's very drinkable for all occasions. It relies on cane sugar for it's most distinct flavor but hints of licorice and wintergreen linger within the brew, too.

Should you buy it? Absolutely. Not only is it a good root beer, the family behind the brew has been in business for 142 years. You gotta support the tradition!

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