Sunday, October 31, 2010

Polar Classics Premium Root Beer

Brand: Polar Classics Premium Root Beer
Brewed in: Worcester, MA
Where to find: North Eastern sections of the USA: CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME and sporadically throughout the East Coast - and Minnesota.

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Packaging/Label:  I do understand that Polar is a fairly large company so brand consistency is important among their various sodas, but aside from changing the color scheme in a soda flavor's label, couldn't there be a bit more effort in creating that brand/product unity? It's good, simple design, but nothing aside from the brown outline really says, 'Hey! I'm a Root Beer! Drink it up, son!"

Aroma: Wait, what aroma? I tried. I really tried to get some kind of scent off of this, but there may as well have been water in my mug.  Regrettably, there was a very, very mild scent when I put the drink right up in my face. That smell? Well, I can't describe it any other way other than it was reminiscent of my dogs' paws --- and what do my dogs' paws smell like? Yeah, you guessed it - a cross between wet dog and dirty human feet. Weird (both because I know what my dogs' paws smell like AND because this drink smelled like dirty feet).

Bite: Not to be repetitive here, but... what bite? Again, so mild that it was hardly there.

Flavor: There's nothing offensive about the taste of this root beer, but there's really no distinctive flavor to this one either. This brew is light and smooth, by default; the only flavor is a light sugary sweetness which can be attributed to the cane sugar. If there ever was a case where the packaging truly reflected it's product, this is it. As with it's packaging, this brew is safe and undescriptive.

Should you buy it? I wouldn't say to stay away from it because it won't clash with any other flavors, but if you're craving a true, solid root beer's root beer then I suggest that you look elsewhere.

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Additional Notes: Just to clarify - this is not a bad root beer; it's just barely a root beer.

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