Monday, August 23, 2010

Natural Brew Draft Root Beer

Brand: Natural Brew
Brewed in: Chico, CA
Where to find: Nationwide; Check the natural/organic sections of your local grocery store.

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Packaging/Label: Really rather nice. Sophisticated design with an excellent use of typographic hierarchy. I appreciate the subtle border break at the top of the paper label and the use of the label's illustration reused as a 1-color cap print, as well (sorry, no photo of the cap but i assure you it's one of the nicer ones).

Aroma: SMACK! Smell the strong aroma of cough syrup all up in yo' face. This cough syrup smell may also be interpreted as 'cleaning products' as described by the lil' lady. Either way, I'm not really comfortable with it.

Bite: A bit of bite, nothing impressive

Flavor: Natural Brew may boast about it's complex taste (true) and it's all natural ingredients (again, true), but they're not boasting about it's "world's yummiest flavor" for a reason: it'd be false advertising! You're made of natural ingredients? Well, good for you, but unless they're blended in a drink that I can enjoy, I don't care! All of the flavors are really heavy tasting (especially the licorice and wintergreen) and nothing about the ratio of this combination of flavors says "this is root beer". In fact, anything that makes me grimace this much while drinking it should not have the distinct pleasure of being labeled as a root beer.

Should you buy it? Don't feel like you're missing out on anything if you skip over this one.

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Additional Notes: I only give "1 mug" reviews to root beers that I can't or don't want to finish. This is one of those instances.

Overall Rating: