Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hank's Philadelphia Recipe Root Beer

Brand: Hank's Gourmet "Philadelphia Recipe" Root Beer
Brewed in: Trevose, PA
Where to find: Representin' throughout the USA's East Coast

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Packaging/Label:  Behold: Beauty! What we have here is the rare specimen, "Universus Sarcina" - that's the whole package, people. Embossed bottle, a labeling layout that goes above and beyond (3 separate labels cleanly placed in their designated spot embellished by slightly embossed detail), clean readable type with a vintage feel - and the blasted design even looks antiqued thanks to the metallic label. I might say that this is the epitome of a classic "root beer" look.

Aroma: Very vanilla-y

Bite: A solid, spicy bite but not overpowering

Flavor: If I had to describe this flavor in one quick blurb, I'd say this is... the lovechild between Root Beer & Cream Soda. I'd then elaborate and tell you that this root beer is probably the smoothest root beer I've ever tasted. Hank's created a favorable tweak to the classic root beer taste - it's sweet, creamy, mildly spicy and overall it's a highly drinkable root beer. There will be no clash between this drink and whatever you're about to eat - I mean, unless you're about to eat something gross. Hank's isn't responsible for your disgusting eating preferences.

Should you buy it? Duh.

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Additional Notes: Be warned: If you don't like cream soda, you're not going to agree with me on this one at all. But who doesn't like cream soda anyways?

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