Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Root Beer Ice Cream - Scoopy's Too

I just got back from eating a lil' root beer ice cream from a nearby shop called Scoopy's Too (Woodbury, NJ). In an area where your standard custard choices are vanilla, chocolate & "twist", Scoopy's Too boasts that it carries 24+ flavors of soft serve ice cream - everything from german chocolate to tutti frutti, maplenut to bubblegum. Once my wife pointed out those two magical words, i knew my selection for the evening!

Verdict: None too impressed. It really didn't taste like root beer. The taste was more... well, it was akin to a tall glass of root beer. A tall glass of root beer that you dumped out in the sink and then refilled with tap water without washing the glass out first ---- with a splash of peanut butter. That said, my wife got the peanut butter custard before I ordered mine so this could be a case of dirty machinery. The peanut butter was awesome though!

Never mind that I took this photo after I destroyed the beautiful leaning tower of swirly ice cream - and never mind the hollow cavern that I ate into the dish (I had to create a barrier from the dreaded ice cream soup).

UPDATE: The flavorings actually come from a supplier called Wadden Systems ~ http://icecreamflavors.com/